Monday, January 12, 2015

craft problem solving

This is just a really quick project I did to fill a practical need. It was quick and simply but very effective.

I live in an old quirky apartment and my bedroom has big french doors that open up onto the living room ( I think my room was actually the dining room originally?) and I normally leave them open during the day. However, one of the doors swings shut slowly if it isn't blocked by something. For over a year I would shove a pile of books in front of it every day to keep it from swinging but eventually I tired of that and began looking for a proper doorstop, something pretty that would also, in fact, stop the door. Turns out that's not very easy. So one day in a fit of frustration I grabbed a cheap utility doorstop at the hardware store and took it home to see if I could do something with it.

Turns out that meant adding an elephant and spray painting the whole thing gold. The best part is it totally works, cost me all of three bucks and it makes me smile. Now if only all projects were that simple.....

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