Monday, January 5, 2015

a good walk

So I've had this idea to walk all the way through the part to the beach for a while now, but then something always comes up or I forget or put it off, so this Friday, in honor of  my desire in 2015 to accomplish and do and finish the things I plan to do, I took off from my house with water and an apple (and perhaps not the brightest choice of shoes) and walked to the ocean. And it was wonderful. It's really not that bad of a walk (a little over three miles) and it was clear and perfect weather (alright a little cold--- perhaps should have worn gloves?) and I swear I didn't edit these photos at all because the sky was really just that blue. So anyway,  I was thinking of doing the walk again next month, and then I was thinking of trying to do it each month for the whole year, and see how the scenery changes, and also just use it as a good opportunity to get some air and do some daydreaming.... though next month I swear I will wear better shoes~

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