Wednesday, December 17, 2014

last minute diy gifting

I found out on Monday that I had to bring a white elephant gift to a holiday party I was attending two days later. This is not a lot of time to find a good gift, especially as this wasn't the fun kind of white elephant where odd/weird/funny/novelty gifts were encouraged. After wandering frantically through several stores at lunch and finding nothing I thought would work, I decided to make something instead. Inspired by animal planters I'd seen on pinterest, and odd shaped vessels for airplants, I decided to sacrifice one of my beloved extra large dinosaurs to the cause.
After holding the air plant up to a couple of them I decided it would look best with the stegosaurus, so I set to work cutting a hold in his back.
It looked pretty rough in there after all the cutting was done, and my desk area was a total mess of hot plastic dust, but I cleaned it all up quick and rummaged around in the cupboard with all the spray until I found some I thought would look good with some greenery. Several coats later (which I applied precariously outside under the back stairs as it was raining but I didn't want to set up all the plastic sheeting required for indoor spray painting) and I had this guy!

And of course for the final touch I wrapped him up like a train ran over him with a mess of ribbon and stickers and it's a total mess so hopefully it will not be obvious which one is mine, because that takes all the fun out of it!
(also I think I'm going to need make one for myself)

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