Monday, December 8, 2014

holiday cheer

I decided to finally get in the spirit this weekend. I made a tree for my apartment (just one for the wall since I will not be here for the holiday itself) and couldn't resist adding some twinkle lights. This is just a quick phone snap but I may take some more detailed pictures because it's actually a very pretty little scandanavian inspired tree doodle to which I added some cute mini garlands. Even though I won't be here it's nice to feel festive in the house every night.


I've also been embarking out on a new love affair with my slow cooker. I tend to make lunches for myself for the week on sSundayevening so that I don't have to worry about it, and the crock pot is a perfect way to do that with the absolute minimum of work involved. Yesterday I made this thai coconut curry and it took a total of ten minutes to chop and throw in all the ingredients (I did also have to open one can of coconut milk- so difficult!) and then I let it sit there cooking for four hours and then it was ready! Perfect way to have a delicious meal with the most minimal of efforts.
I'm seeing my winter stretching out before me full of curries, roast chickens and stews and I am totally okay with the plan. I will try to write down my recipes for future use and sharing.

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