Wednesday, December 10, 2014

changing colors

As planned I have switched out stuff in the living room here and there to change the colors. I was getting really tired of the orange's and coral so I traded it for green and blue. Mostly green, of course, thanks to aaaaaaall the plants (including these beautiful tall paper whites my mom started for me!) I also made the quilted pillow to add to my fur pillows on the couch.


I moved the artwork around a little and the house installation went on the wall behind the table to make room for my christmas "tree." Oh and the wire lights were spray painted white which I love so much more. I think they look excellent against the gray walls.
 I also managed to recover the dining chairs to blend in better. I used some leftover cotton from curtains I made last year which I stamped with gold polka dots using a pencil eraser. I was going to do things right and remove the orange before recovering but then I really liked how the orange underneath made the white fabric look just a little bit, I don't know, warmer? Anyway, I'm really liking the change which, along with the rearranging of the furniture, makes it feel like a whole new room.


( I think I need to find some of those lightbulbs with with the gold top, or perhaps some sort of edison bulb? Because as much as I like the way these bulbs look, they are a bit too bright at night and I would prefer a softer light )

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