Thursday, July 17, 2014

tone on tone

I've been playing around with white on white three dimensional "work" for lack of a better descriptor recently. I feel like my bedroom is really just a big white studio/gallery that happens to have my bed in it. And I try to organize and style it as such. When I took down the paper chains I made for the Christmas holiday that have been hanging on the mirror in the living room, I didn't want to throw them away, or just leave them on a pile, so I pinned them up into the corner to the right of my bed. I like the way they looked like a waterfall.

Then I was doodling around at my desk with the very last of my heavy printmaking paper from my school days stash and I started cutting out branch/antler shapes. Then this happened...
I created a wire armature and adhered the branches, then I started making a bunch of folded leaves and adding them as well. The circle is still growing, I figure I will continue it until I run out of paper or perhaps beyond. It seems like the perfect bedroom/gallery artwork. Simple, subtle (rare for me) but also very fun to look at. It's also super wonderful to photograph, the shadows are superb.

And I thought I'd throw in some more pictures of the paper chains which started it all as well!

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