Monday, July 14, 2014

the hunt party

I helped out with a pretty spectacular birthday party this weekend. My best friend planned a scavenger hunt in which she was competing against her boyfriend who has his birthday just a week away from hers. We spent weeks (possibly months) leading up to the date, discussing and strategizing and developing the rules. We met up at my house at the start, to go over the rules and pick teams (schoolyard rules) and get ready to head out. I did some quick day of decorations so it looked more festive than my average everyday living room. I made the banner out of tissue and construction paper I had in my party box, and he balloons were a bunch of random colors but i liked the way they looked stuck to the big mirror on the wall.

I've been desperately wanting to try out all of these citrus jello shots I've been seeing around the blogs, so I used this as an excuse to make some lemon drop jello shots. You know, for vitamin C, while people were waiting. Making these shots turned out to be way more time consuming that I had anticipated, but also totally worth it as they tasted amazing and were so cute. I will totally be doing these again in the future. Maybe for the start of a dinner party? Classy jello shots, who knew....

I also went a bit crazy making swag for the hunt participants. My friend made laminated scavenger hunt lists, and I created team crests for each of them. There were two large full color flags for putting in photos (we had to take photos of the items on the list with the team flag to prove we were really there) as well as many smaller ones for sneakier photo taking. I also made these tiny shield toothpicks for the jello shots, and team pins so that players could identify which team they were on. It was tons of fun and we all got incredibly competative and I think this was one of the most creative party ideas I've ever had the pleasure of working on. Happy birthday and cheers!

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