Monday, July 21, 2014

more lettering

I've been in a stash-busting mood recently. When I went from one giant drawer full of fabric and such to two, well I was able to shrug it off. But when the drawers no longer closed all the way, I knew it was time to get something done. I spent a lot of my weekend sewing some new summery clothes out of stuff I've been hoarding forever, but earlier in the week I tackled an idea I had for a felt project.

This is what my desk looked like when I was considering a few different color combinations and letter options....
...and this is what I ended up with. Please forgive that it is slightly crooked (I actually think that makes it look more exuberant) as this is like a full color doodle of sorts. It was so much fun and has made me smile every time I walk by, which seems about right!

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