Wednesday, July 23, 2014

on being productive

I had a very productive sewing weekend (which resulted in my floor looking like the photo below) and was able to make a few new things to wear, which is always exciting. Of course the strange gray but muggy SF weather isn't necessarily cooperating with my wishes, but I was mostly sewing for a beach vacation I've got coming up. It all started when I realized that my fabric drawers no longer closed, and were, in fact, a tripping hazard to my clumsy self, and therefore I  NEEDED to sew something to fix the problem. I finished up a few things in fun printed cottons (and have several more cut out that just need to be sewn together) as well as experimenting with a few new patterns in some fun and super colorful jersey knits I've had lying around for a while. These are just a couple of pictures I remembered to take throughout the whirlwind that was the last few days.

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