Wednesday, July 2, 2014

a year in one place.

I have been in my apartment for a little over a year. I just realized this a recently, and it got me to thinking about what the place was like when I moved in. It was beautiful and spacious, but also a little worse for the wear. Unfortunate color choices and terribly worn trim everywhere. I have been slowly fixing it up as I could and I thought it would be fun to look back at the few before pictures that I have.
The bedroom was a strange yellow color which I changed to white before I even brought in boxes. I also redid all the trim and doors.

I also painted the closet from mossy green to pink and added some shelves and a new light fixture.

The kitchen was dark and crowded, with an ill advised red accent wall. I repainted, changed the accent wall to yellow, and moved things around to create more work space.

The living room was practically empty. I took down all the strange hardware, painted (an then updated by repainting the trim a second time) and found some new furniture.

The hallway has actually undergone two big changes. It went from white with cream trim, to orange, and then back to white when I decided that it was just too bright.

The bathroom was my most recent project. I did a temporary fix back when I moved in with electrical tape decals, and a new shower curtain. But last month I decided to be more thorough and I repainted, re-caulked and fixed up the floor.

And, not so shockingly, looking back at old posts and all these pictures, is making me realize that I really have made this progress. It may not be the magazine perfect space, but I love my apartment and I think I've done an excellent job of making it into a clean and pretty home. I haven't lived in one place for this long since I was in my family home and it's exciting to see what can be accomplished if I have a little more time. Here's to another year!

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