Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Getting organized

My neighborhood hardware store had a big sale this last weekend (yes I'm on their email list and yes that makes me super geeky but whatever) so I went and picked up all the little bits and pieces I needed for the new apartment including some fresh new canning jars. I've always meant to have all my pantry items in matching vessels and I decided that now was the time.

Goodbye drawer full of miss-matched canisters and zip lock bags. Hello OCD perfection! I made the labels by painting chalkboard paint onto sticker paper and then cutting them all down to size.
I also took this as a good opportunity to bake something, now that all my various flours were in such an organized state. This started out as a white chocolate raspberry tart but midway I decided I don't really like white chocolate and went with marzipan instead. It was delicious and is already half gone (I had help devouring) or still half uneaten depending on how you look at it.

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