Monday, June 17, 2013

At my desk

I had some really comfortable wedge shoes. Riveting beginning of a story, I know. Anyway, these shoes were super comfortable but the wedges were an unappealing faux cork pattern that always made me put them back on the shelf. I decided since I already wasn't wearing them there was no harm in a bit of experimenting. So I painted the wedge portion black. But that wasn't interesting enough so I decided to add some of the geometric doodles I've been doing recently.

And they turned out pretty darn neat. I know it's not the most practical way to spend two hours but I've worn them twice already and I only used things I already had lying around so it seems like a good use of time to me. I mean, after all, shoes are very important!


  1. anything that would make someone want to get down on their hands & knees at my feet is a good thing