Monday, June 24, 2013

At my desk

My sewing machine inexplicable arrived broken at my new apartment. I have no explanation for this as it was working just fine a few days before. I spent two hours taking everything apart and oiling every gear I could find to no avail. I was left with the unsettling feeling that I was going to have to purchase a new machine. My first every after a lifetime of family pieces and vintage hand-me-downs.
Shopping for expensive and fancy tools is no fun. I am no good at making decisions and agonize over every different thing. Luckily my hand was a bit forced in that there was a brief and very generous sale at Joanne fabrics which, coupled with free shipping, made it impossible for me to put off this choice. This is my new fancy, automatic threading, fancy stitch sewing machine.
 I'm a bit uncomfortable with a computerized machine, it has much more things which could go wrong but for now I'm just trying to learn how it works, and get to know it's quirks. I've named her Nina after the project runway judge Nina Garcia (who is tiny and fierce as well and very into garments being well constructed) and I am hoping this will bestow any future sewing with good favor. Now I just need to get down to it and begin working through the pile of sewing projects that's been piling up at one corner of my desk.

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