Wednesday, September 2, 2015

patterning kitchen cabinets

So last I left off with the kitchen work, it looked something like this.
Now, I could have cleaned up the paint on the glass cabinet fronts, however, there were about five layers of multicolored paints that had gotten onto the textured interior surface of the glass that I couldn't remove despite my best efforts. So I brainstormed other ways to deal with the glass fronts that were inexpensive and most importantly removal  (because: rental) and came up with contact paper!. Once again, such a useful material.

I started with white contact paper and just cut pieces to fill in the glass portion of the doors. And while this looked clean and fine and was a massive improvement, it didn't seem very..... exciting. So naturally I began to think about patterns as well. 
There wasn't much of a plan honestly, I just started working up a sort of abstract stripe pattern.

And it turned into this. I am still on the fence actually. I like it, and it's fun and interesting and different. Also seeing as it's easy to remove and or change, I figure if I get sick of it I can just swap it out for a new  pattern. Perhaps polka dots? Or should I just leave it plain white? All thoughts and opinions are welcome!

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