Wednesday, September 9, 2015

...tied up with string

I have way too many craft materials, sewing trims, bits and bobs. I try to convince myself that it's not hoarding, it's collecting. But this is a fine line. My studio is overflowing with tidbits and trifles. 

Recently when I was wrapping a gift I decided to experiment and see how many different ways I could decorate a brown paper package by using only materials that I had on hand.

I began with this blank surface:
First I used ribbon and cut out some old block printed postcards.

Next was a polaroid of the sky with some navy pom pom trim.

Then I went for some traditional velvet ribbon, plus an old photo and a little 'for you' tag held together with a mini clothespin.

Fourth was a mix of some thick gold netting ribbon and hot pink grosgrain which I used to hold a pink tassel keychain in the middle.

Fifth I used a mix of a a paint strip and some dotty garlands I had leftover from an Easter party.

Then I stayed with the paint chips, but added in a scissor print and some eyelashes. I tied it all on with pink rick rack.

Seventh I continued with the idea of small gift as wrapping, and layered some cut out leaves with a sun printing kit and some polka dot ribbon.

Eight was some wrapping paper that I folded down to create layers, and an oversized playing card with black velvet ribbon.

Ninth I used some daisy trim and a fake flower.

Tenth I wove together a mix of construction paper strips and wrapped them around the middle of the package.

Then I used a combination of sparkly trims and small cards.

Finally for the last, I used some large and small price stickers to create a pattern on the paper.

Honestly I am sure that I could have kept going. I think I could draw two possible conclusions here: A. I am a hoarder and need to get this under control or B. My friends are going to be getting more gifts in the near future because this was super fun and there's not much that I like more than a prettily wrapped package. Also, this solidified my feeling that you really don't need 'gift wrap' in an official sense to wrap gifts well, because really anything can be used to make a package look exciting and finished.

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