Wednesday, June 24, 2015

small adjustments

Much as I loved my clean and empty polka dot hallway, it is a big space, practically a room. And this being San Francisco, the space was needed for storage in some way. For a while the theater seats and a tall book shelf were sort of thrown in there for lack of anything better, but when my roommate was redoing his bedroom, he decided to take the corner shelf into his room where it would work better, and so we took the large black bookshelf he'd had there previously, and turned it on it's side so that it could be both a storage piece for book and all sorts of other things, and a surface for mail and whatever else was in our hands when we walked in the door.
Just a reminder, this is what it looked like last time I took any pictures.

Still as difficult to take photos of as always, still frustratingly full of doors, but I think that the low long bookshelf is working better for me, and I'm also happy to see some of my favorite hats out instead of stuffed in a bin. It just made sense to use them as decoration, plus now they are easier to grab on my way out of the door. I still wish it was all empty and calm but perhaps I will have to make that happen somewhere else in the apartment. I know the living room is just begging for an update....

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