Monday, June 22, 2015

baking a cake

I haven't baked a cake in over two years. Not sure how this happened, maybe cause it feels like more of an ordeal than a tart or pie? Maybe because I don't prefer it as much as other dessert? But I decided to see what I could do with the cake medium for a party this last weekend. I made a chocolate naked cake (naked cake just means it has no frosting on the outside, on inbetween the layers, thus it is 'naked') with vanilla frosting, dark chocolate raspberry sauce and fresh cherries. It was a bunch of steps and preparation, and assembling the layers is always a bit harrowing (please don't break please don't break) but it all worked, it looked pretty, and most importantly, it tasted great. Wins all around.

While I still think I'm more of a pie girl myself, however it's good to know this is something I can do when the situation calls for it.

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