Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I was cold so I made a quilt

Just a quick (and perhaps random) bedroom update. I decided to make a quilt this weekend. I haven't made one in years and I am a bit out of practice. But I wanted a simple, mostly white blanket of some kind for my new bed and after searching and searching I realized it would be so silly to buy one when I could just make exactly what I wanted. Also my fabric stash is getting crazy.

I used a nice white cotton sheet as the base for the front of the quilt (as I wanted it to be mostly white I figured that this would be the most cost effective way for me to get so many yards of white fabric) and then drew out a quick plan for the geometric/triangle pattern on the front, and got to cutting. For the accents I indulged in my love of the reverse sides of fabrics, and used several graphic black and white prints, but backwards, to make them more washed out and subtle. I pieced together a back out of some other favorites, ironed everything a bunch, pinned it all as best I could, and then sat on my floor and quilted it with simple ties. I used my yardstick in an attempt to make the rows even but of course the would thing is not quite square so they are (charmingly I hope) a bit off plum. Then I sewed on the binding (more black and white patterns) and pinned it all again and hands sewed it all up to finish.

I just snapped a few quick photos of it on my bed when it was finished though I know I should set up some better ones soon. It turned out very nice and has been serving it's purpose well for the last few days. All told it took me about a day to do though that's mostly because it's a pretty simple design. Still it was incredibly fun to get back into this after so long, and discover I hadn't forgotten everything. Plus of course making a blanket to keep myself warm.

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