Tuesday, September 30, 2014

happy pancake day!

Last Friday was Pancake Day. Food holidays have always been my favorite to celebrate and Pancake Day was a new accidental discovery, and it got me thinking, what if there were a whole meal made of pancakes? So I invited a few people over and I made a bunch of different savory pancakes of which I took zero photographs (sorry I was too busy eating them) but I also wanted to make dessert. And I found this was the perfect occasion to make a crepe cake, which I have been longing for an excuse to create for probably years now, ever since I saw a picture in Martha Stewart magazine. 

It was actually a fairly simply, though time consuming process. I made a monster batch of crepe batter, then I hung out in my kitchen with all the windows open while I made 30 crepes, trying to keep them all equal size and thickness or as close as possible. There was conflict over doing a fruit filling or some sort of chocolate so I did both. I had fresh strawberries and whipped cream as well as a dark chocolate sauce. To assemble, I placed one crepe on the cake stand, spread a layer of chocolate sauce, added another crepe, layer of whipped cream with strawberries and repeat. I listed to a few hours of radio and when I started to get concerned about the cake being so tall it might fall over, I stopped and put it in the fridge to chill and set, as instructed. 
And here it is in all it's many layered glory. This combination was very tasty, and has opened the pandora's box that is this new format. I think this would be wonderful with some sort of citrus cream, nutella or even a more savory version with pesto and roast vegetables. So many possibilities. A word of warning however, it is a very delicate process to slice and then transfer said slice to a plate safely. Just saying that structural integrity with this cake was.... thin. Enjoy!

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