Wednesday, September 17, 2014

when the universe redirects you through the paint aisle....

Sometimes you just have to listen to what the universe is telling. And when you get herded through the paint aisle at the hardware store (I was just there for a light bulb) and there's a crazy sale that just might mean you should go for it. I've been dreaming about and lusting over rich velvety black walled spaces forever but never went for it because there wasn't a right space. But when I saw that paint sale I knew just what to do.
And in one night, for under ten bucks, my pink princessy closet (which I had been feeling a bit tired of) went from this:

to this! I used chalkboard paint in classic black (not intending to draw on the walls per say but it has the most excellent coverage) and it only took two coats both of which dried remarkably fast (about a hour!) I haven't had a chalkboard wall since I was fourteen so it's amusing to see how different this iteration is may years later. I can't wait to put everything back into the space, it's like a glamorous jewel box in there now, and it turns out pretty much everything looks lux against this backdrop.

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