Wednesday, April 23, 2014


A few weeks ago I filled the vintage tureen I picked up in Santa Cruz with a few sweet peas. They looked so wonderful and I figured they'd be great for that super sunny spot. However, I was wrong.

I'm not sure if it was the sun, the cramped space in the tureen, not enough water or too much water or perhaps they were just being moody but they were having none of it. Every day they looked more wilted and sad. So I dug them up, separated them out and planted them in individual pots with kabob skewers to grow up. The smallest one is still looking a bit unhappy but I figure even if I can save two out of three I'm still doing ok. One of them is living on the corner bookshelf in the living room and happily growing upwards, the other two are hanging out in the kitchen. I will continue to keep an eye on them.

This process of course left me with an empty tureen. And of course since I had just scrubbed all the floors I figured there was no better time to messily re-pot all the plants in my house. Sigh. I called my mother mid mess to check if I could cut off the sprouts that were growing off my mother in laws tongue plant, which she confirmed I could, so after I split up the main plant I put the babies into the tureen. However, at my mothers excellent solution, this time I planted them in a pot that fit into the tureen so it's not so difficult next time to change things out.

Oh and while I was at it I replanted this little thing which was originally a single leaf about one inch tall and now is turning into a cute mini tree. It was having trouble supporting itself though on the tiny "trunk" so I tied it to another skewer and hopefully it can use that as support until it gets stronger. Its currently in the bathroom where it seems to be thriving in the "tropical" atmosphere.

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