Monday, April 28, 2014

spring cleaning

I've been gradual tweaks to the living room as spring has been unfurling. It started with the little white slipcover for the record player console table. This forced me to put all the books stored in the bottom somewhere else which made me work on the odd corner shelves that came with the space. I basically just stacked some color organized books in a few different places and added a few tiny clay planters and small framed artwork. Turns out that was all that corner needed to look less random and i'm not sure why it took me so long.

I also added a (repainted) painting to the wall of paper chains behind the couch, changed out the color of the little round side table, and switched the big blue loveseat (now in the roommates room) for a white linen butterfly chair. 

There were some changes to art, a new tablecloth for the table to lighten up that side of the room and a rearranged bar area as well. Mostly I was feeling like it was too dark and too higglety-pigglety in there so I tried my best (using stuff I had lying around) to bring in a bunch of lighter points to open it all up. It's all small (possibly unnoticable) stuff but it makes me happy.

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