Friday, April 11, 2014


Someone decided to paint the trim in the walk-in at 8:30 last night. I have no idea why anyone would paint trim in such a glorious high gloss putty color, nor why it took all of nine months to paint over it but last night I could no longer stand it and made a snap decision. Of course I took this photo in not optimal light conditions so it's not the most accurate depiction of the colors, but the trim went from the color of an old band aid to a crisp bright white. I also cleaned up all the over-painted wall color (three different colors no less) that had gotten onto the trim over the years.
The paint fumes may have gotten to my head however because I decided to stay up (as late as it took) to get a second coat on everything so that I would not have to continue painting today. This meant I didn't finish painting until 1 pm and then of course there was clean up. Sigh.

Another part of this process I didn't consider is that to paint the closet I had to take EVERYTHING out of it (thank goodness I have a spacious room and accommodating roommate) which means my bedroom currently looks like chaos and the living room couch is four feet deep in clothes and boxes and a crazy pile of hats. Turns out my closet was like a clown car storage wise. There was so much more in there than I could have imagines. I had an uncomfortable moment this morning when I realized I had to figure out something to wear to work from among the madness, but it will all be very exciting and worth it later when I get to put everything back where it goes. I may just sit on the fake bearskin rug and gaze lovingly at the newly painted trim........ or that just might be residual fumes talking.

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