Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Living room revamp

One of the first big chores of the January Cure (I've been playing along with Apartment Therapy) was to clean all the floors in your house. I did this a few weekends ago and it really helped to jump start my desire for a generally cleaned up and reorganized apartment (I also had to appreciate the Cinderella moment while I was scrubbing the linoleum and the air was full of bubbles, despite a stunning lack of cute friendly animals to sing and keep me company). While the floors were drying I sat in my window seat and thought about the living room and what I may want to do with it.

I decided to switch out some furniture, just to try it out, and so I moved the theater seats in to my bedroom and the blue slip-covered love seat back into the living room. I also switched out a few accessories to add a bit more blue to the space and I took the paper chains from the holidays and made a curtain of sorts over the mirror which both blocks me from seeing my reflection each time I walk out of my bedroom, and makes a neat textured art installation as well.

I moved the bar around a little bit (mostly a matter of packing away all of the holiday napkins, glassware and straws) and added this vase I picked up at Anthropologie during a holiday sale and then promptly forgot, which was perfect for holding my set of vintage glass cocktail stir sticks and brought a touch of blue to the corner. the chalkboard got an updated message as well.

There was some pillow rearranging, and I added a blue quilt to the ottoman. I also brought in this plant from the kitchen. I am considering repainting both the top and stand of this side table but I haven't yet made a decision. I was thinking maybe a black top and orange legs? All gold? Since I am still waffling about I figured I'd continue living with it as is for now.

The record table also got a plant (which conveniently enough is in an orange pot) and one of my small herd of white dinosaurs had been hiding beneath it for a while. Overall the space feels refreshed after the chaos of the holidays, and bright, which is always nice to come home to in January when it's dark out before I even leave the office. I am still thinking on a better way to store the games under the record table (right now they languish in an unattractive pile) and it may soon be time to switch out art, but for now, it is clean and I'm ready to take a nap on the window seat.

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