Monday, January 20, 2014

A landing zone

I decided to play along with the January Cure on Apartment Therapy and while I've been pretty good at doing the tasks I've been much less good about documenting and blogging them. Thought I would share real quick the landing zone in my house. I have a simple wooden accordion peg rack by the door and I hang my coat and keys on it when I walk into the apartment. I usually drop my purse on the floor below. This system has been the most successful way I've found of keeping track of these things because they never migrate further into the apartment I always know where to find them. As to mail, most of what I receive is personal or junk since all of my bills are paperless and most are on autopay, if I do get something important I bring that to my desk and usually deal with it immediately. If it needs to wait for any reason I have a giant gold paperclip that it lives in, which naturally draws my eye and reminds me that there is something I need to deal with. It's all pretty simple but it works and is pretty tidy so I see no reason to change it.

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