Thursday, January 30, 2014

a clean start

The same weekend I cleaned out and reorganized my closet I tacked my bedroom as well. It is a wonderfully spacious, if odd room to have. There are lots of windows but also three regular doorways and then the glass double doors leading to the living room which I have to contend with. There aren't a lot of different ways I can lay out the space so I just stuck with a general cleaning.
Along with cleaning the floors and lots of dusting (the dust bunnies here grow so very swiftly) I flipped the mattress, put freshly washed sheets on the bed and switched out my dark blue duvet cover for a new fresh white one. I also added some more plants because I seem to be unable to say no every time I walk by Cole Hardware, and I had the movie theater seats that were originally in the living room that I moved in here to the foot of my bed. I use my computer monitor as a tv and it's surprisingly fun to watch movies in actual theater seats! Now if only they had a cupholder...

I decided a while ago that I didn't need the door to the right of my bed to actually function (I figure two exits from my room is enough) so I blocked it off with the nightstand and an old chair I am currently using as a plant stand. On the wall is my ever growing collection of photobooth pictures which I have corralled in some white Ikea frames. Above my headboard is the pinata and where the wild things are banner that I combined a while ago. They continue to make me smile so I've kept them both there.

Just some little snipets from my bedside table. The spray painted tray holds my collection of pocket dictionaries (English, French and Italian currently) with a vintage elephant pincushion as well as my lotion and perfume. I have a small dish for jewelery and whatever pins I extract from my hair when I get into bed, as well as my alarmclock and some white jars which hold spare change until I feel up to counting and rolling it all up, as well as quarters for laundry.

On the other side of the room is my desk and a 2x4 expedit which holds books as well as bins full of fabric, ribbons and trims and all of my media ( movies and music). My dress form moves around the room but is currently living next to the window. Since my desk is long enough I've chosen to have my sewing machine live in the far corner permanently (preferable to having to lug it out of a box every time I need to use it) which is a much enjoyed luxury. I am currently looking for a better desk chair (right now I am using an old wooden kitchen chair with a cushion and it is very uncomfortable after working all day) but it is incredibly hard to find something that is both comfortable and good looking so for now, the search continues.

To the left of my desk is my craft paper wall. I used mini binder clips to attach pictures and a few notes I needed to remember as well.I store all my wrapping and decorative papers in a metal trash bin I found at the container store. I would of course prefer to have an entirely separate room for my studio work space, and I know it is bad feng shui to have your work and sleep spaces together, but I have tried to take advantage of the size and length of the room so that I could carve out two distinct and separate spaces to try to negate that as much as possible. Overall it has been working for me very well (and honestly I've been in much (MUCH) smaller spaces that this before where I both slept and worked so I feel that this is a vast improvement. It also means I am much more motivated to keep the desk and in fact the whole space clean and uncluttered and I have found that I have been extra productive here so it seems to be working out well.

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