Thursday, August 20, 2015

the quickest fixes are sometimes the best

I am in the midst of a slightly impromptu kitchen renovation (at least as much as a very old and quirky rental apartment can be renovated) and despite having done a bunch of work, do not quite have a photos of finished projects yet. Everything should be coming together with the last big project this weekend so hopefully soon. But in the meantime I thought I'd share this one small redo that sort of started this whole process.
Really the kitchen redo began because I was cleaning and just not feeling like things were actually getting cleaned. My kitchen doesn't have any sort of range hood or fan and there's one window at the far side of the room so even if that's open, it's not the best ventilation. Therefore the regular cooking smoke and such has slowly been coloring every surface over the years. I scrubbed down every surface, all the appliances, and have been applying a fresh coat of paint to all the walls and cabinets, but while I was cleaning the white fridge, I hit a wall with the refrigerator door handles. While the doors and sides cleaned up very well, the handles were just....not. And they stood out in even greater contrast to the cleaned surfaces of the rest of the fridge. So while I was staring them down I noticed.... screws! These were removable!

So I took them both off, set them up on my roof and applied a good half dozen thin coats of white spray paint. I let them dry overnight and then put them back on the doors. This small change has made such a big impact on how I feel about my kitchen. The fridge looks clean and fresh and every time I go to open the door to get something out I smile with relief at how nice and clean the handles are. For a free fix (I always have white spray paint) I just can't believe I didn't think of this sooner.

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