Monday, August 17, 2015

new couch

I'm still moving stuff around and sorting it all out, but I am finally down to just one couch as the big old nubbly beige-tastic slip covered monster is gone! (I feel like I should be humming the ding-dong the witch is dead song from The Wizard of Oz) After two years of loathing a piece of furniture I am free. And thanks to my parents swooping in to Ikea and grabbing the last white slipcover the Emeryville location had in stock, I have a fresh new couch!. It's not my dream couch, but it's a much more appropriate size for the space and it's clean and it's up off the floor and I have actually been enjoying hanging out in this room so much more now. 
Somehow I came up with the idea to keep the footstool from the old couch and just remove the slipcover to use with the new couch. While the legs don't currently match it makes the left side of the couch into a nice cozy chaise when covered with a sheepskin. Also all of my more quirky pillows have a great background on the white couch. I will be replacing the legs with something less blocky as soon as possible and there's always the possibility of rearranging and shifting things around, but for now, I am monumentally happy with this change. The whole space is lighter and airier and so much more welcoming. And seeing as this is the first space I see when I come out of my room in the morning, and the first thing guests see as the enter the apartment, I consider that pretty important. 

(I don't know why but I loved this out of focus photo of the room and felt the need to include it.)

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