Monday, October 6, 2014

new shelves

For about a year my kitchen looked like this, more or less. However, I am prone to decor
restlessness syndrome and also storage woes (always) and while pondering the problem one day while cooking, I came up with a solution.

I removed the YES letters (don't worry they only got relocated) and added more shelves! Much as I loved the look of them, turns out keeping dishes above the stove wasn't the right place for storing dishes. It just gets too greasy there without a hood or exhaust. So I added some slightly longer shelves above my fridge side work table which hold some of my most used dishes (I really like putting everything in bowls even as I am prepping) and I seem to be using things so frequently that dust or grime isn't really a problem.

This solution has also allowed me to have some of my most favorite colorful dishes out where they can be seen and enjoyed, rather than tucked on low shelves or in cupboards. I like having my vintage owl and bumble bee looking over me as I cook, and I've found myself using little ramekins and miniature casserole dishes more now that they are right out in front of me.

I got the shelves pre cut and painted at the hardware store as well as the brackets. The whole thing was about $20 though I am sure it could be done for less if you were to get a single piece of wood and cut it down and paint it yourself, however, being on foot, this was the most doable option for me.

(Also not sure why but I love this photo of the setup that I took accidentally out of focus. Even as a blur the colors are so darn cheery!)

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