Monday, August 25, 2014

vintage dress heaven

One of the last stops we made in Southern California was to what is essentially my dream home, a giant warehouse full of beautiful vintage dresses. Shareen Vintage was next to impossible to find, we missed it a few times but persevered and it was totally worth the trouble. Inside this no boys allowed haven (no dressing rooms, just trying things on in the aisles willy nilly) was a meticulously organized array of vintage. Printed cotton frocks sorted by decade, so much beading and tulle and of course all of the crazy psychedelic prints it was total eye candy. I could have stayed there forever but had to settle for a few hours. The girls working there were sweet and knowledgeable and very helpful and in the end it was just a wonderful little dress up play date. And of course treasures were found. More on that later...

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