Monday, August 18, 2014

Vacation.....the food

So I was on vacation there for a little bit, and now am trying to get back into the groove with work and business and the crazy back and forth weather up here (almost raining this morning, sunny at 12 now weirdly overcast but still warm even muggy???) and I've been slowly going through all the photos that I took. I only had my phone with me, and honestly, as I was wearing a muumuu or just a bathing suite most of the time, it was hard to stash my phone somewhere easily accessible sort of just having it in my hand all the time so there were lots of times when I just had to take a picture with my eyes, and hope I could remember whatever cool/delicious/pretty thing it was for later. As a memory.
However even with all these restrictions there were an awful lot of photos at the end. So I've tried to divide them up into fun categories a bit and will be spacing them out over the week so there is no photo overload fatigue. This first bunch is of food. Because what is a vacation without lots of super tasty things to eat and drink (and of course this is the tiniest of peeks into what we ate because usually we were almost finished before we would remember that we should have taken a picture...)

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