Wednesday, November 6, 2013

kitchen curtains

The kitchen is coming along well. I was making a quick breakfast this morning and looking out the window When I realized I hadn't taken pictures of the new addition, curtains. It's wonderful to have a window in the kitchen, makes the long skinny space so much brighter, but there's a bus stop across the street and sometimes I just don't feel like stared at by bored commuters as I bake. There had  been blinds previously but I took them down and removed all the hardware when I was painting and didn't want to add back in something so heavy. So I took an white vintage sheet I had lying around and added a pattern with fabric markers (turns out they are awesome and I am now totally on board with this tool!) I went for a simple small scale triangle pattern, just to add some color but not be too busy. Then I hemmed them and added a channel at the top and threw them up there. 

Of course they are difficult to photograph with the direct morning sun (and the sun was actually out this morning!) but they do seem to be doing their job admirably.

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