Monday, November 4, 2013

In which a cold makes for a productive weekend

I've been denying the existnance of my current cold now for weeks. I refused to let it drag me down through the Halloween dress-up-and-party season but this last weekend I finally succombed. I spent the weekend in my apartment in various depths of sweater layers, nursing a pot of tea and steadily knocking items off of my crazy long list. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I feel significantly better and I got a crazy amount of work done.

I kicked it all off on Friday by making a pot of soup. This served several purposes, including using all the odd things in my fridge, warming/perfuming the apartment and providing food to sustain me for the weekend. I made pumpkin coconut curry soup and it was most excellent. Definitely doing this one again.

I managed to get several smaller painting projects in as well. I had this very large but cheap frame sitting by the door to go to the trash when I had an idea. It was useless for framing artwork as the Plexiglass front was scratched and it was just so enormous it was hard to fill. But it was a perfectly good frame.... So I painted the frame itself with the leftover kitchen wall paint and sanded and painted the plexi with chalkboard paint. Voila! Kitchen chalkboard. Totally an overdone trend these days but I don't care a smidge because I love it!

I took the long way to the hardware store Saturday when I ventured out into the world to get supplies for shelves (more on that later-but so far they haven't fallen down!) and enjoyed a bit of sun despite the hat and scarf chill in the air. I even managed to squeeze in a quick batch of cookies yesterday (to which I added miniature Reese's which was brilliant and delicious and you should try it).
There was a lot of additional work on the kitchen which I am saving for a more dramatic reveal when the room in finally finished (though it's looking cheerier by the minute) and I also made significant headway on several seasonal design projects I've got looming up in front of me. While I would love to be cavorting about outside, getting brunch, going to parties, it was very satisfying to see that crossed off list this morning.

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