Monday, November 18, 2013

defying gravity

I hung some shelves in the kitchen several weeks ago in the odd empty space above the stove. There was nothing decorative in that area, and it made the stove look lonely so I thought why not add some storage and pretty stuff to look at while cooking? I picked up supplies for this project on a whim when I was at the hardware store for something else. I just used standard shelves and metal brackets. I haven't posted anything about them before now as I was waiting (holding my breath) to see if they would hold, or fall down off the wall with a monstrous crash. So far they have held, I'm now confident enough to start playing with what I can put on them. This combination isn't final, just some pretty yellow things, but I have very much enjoyed having something to look at while stirring sauce, flipping pancakes, or whatever else it is that I get up to here.

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