Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sewing update

Once I made my first dress with the pattern I created from my favorite dress I knew I was a gonner. I immediately worked up some ideas for different variations of bodice designs and combinations of fabric. I was looking at my alarming fabric stash in a whole new way. I've just completed my fourth dress from my very own patter and it's my favorite one yet (it helps that it's such a sunny yellow which is a useful color in the battle to combat the grayness here)

I've got fabric for seven more dresses all washed and ready to go. It's all very exciting. I actively have to remind myself that I need to pack (I am moving to a new apartment next week) and that pulling out my sewing supplies at this current juncture would be unwise and not a good use of my time but I really want to! I'm going to have to make time for a picnic in the park or some patio cocktails. Not much has the power to totally change my mood for the better than a pretty new dress. And pockets don't hurt either!

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  1. several of those fabrics are familiar old friends to on & sew forth!