Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Painting part one

I am moving this weekend to a new apartment. It happened very fast and so there has been a flurry of preparation and packing which I've been trying to tuck into every extra moment I have in order to be ready when my moving helpers arrive. One amazing thing about the new place is that I get to paint it! And after years of dreaming of painting rooms vibrant colors what did I do but choose white. Silly me. I did however go with a very fun color in the walk in closet, more on that later.
However, after years of dreaming of painting, when faced with the reality I realized I had completely forgotten what I was doing. I also had neglected to think about how all the decorative moldings that I loved so much would be a huge pain to paint. Luckily I was willing to do whatever it took to get rid of the yellow the space was before I got my hands on it (a much brighter yellow than these photos can convey, almost glowing).

So I spent two and a half hours cutting in by hand around all the moldings and windows and doors (two doors, some french doors and four windows!) and then went back with a roller to do the middle of each wall which took only a half hour. It's only a first coat but it already looks infinetly better. With the rest of the paint, a touch up on the trim and the carpet rolled up and taken away (hardwood floors underneath) I think it will turn out to be a wonderful space. And I'm looking forward to having a beautiful tree to look at out of the window while I sit at my desk.

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