Monday, November 10, 2014

sneaking scissors

I take a lot of pictures of my desk. Not sure why but it does happen frequently, and it's where I am most often so it makes sense that it would feature in a lot of photographs. I noticed that in these ones from various points over the weekend my scissors seem to be in all but one of the images though I don't even recall using them all that much. I guess they were just determined to be part of the fun. I feel like, if they are going to be such a regular player I should maybe get some better looking ones, but then, while these may be a bit, lets say well worn looking, they work so well and have been with me since I was in school so I'm sort of attached. And I can't really get pretty and expensive new scissors just for pictures of my work space, so I guess it's just going to be these guys around some more. Though I guess the vintage silver sewing scissors are rather nice looking....

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