Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Decorating up a storm

Since I am hosting Christmas for my family this year (mostly due to me being the one who gets the least time off) I knew this was not the year to skimp on decorating (let alone skip in entirely!) but I didn't want to spend a bunch of money and I don't really have a lot of space to store decorations for the eleven months of the year they are not in use. So I decided to make an effort to make most or all of the decorations and to use supplies that I already had on hand.
Challenge accepted!
While I was cleaning out the barn back home last week I found these rolls of paper which I got a the Depot for Creative Reuse probably at least eight years ago. They are 1" wide beautiful print weight paper and I knew someday I would want to do something with them so I had been hording them. Turns out, they make the most perfect paper chains ever as they are are perfectly uniform size and more substantial than using recycled book pages as I usually do.

Here is an (albeit grainy i-phone snap) of one in progress corner. I also made a bunch of red pom pom garlands for color. Other supplies I have to use, white felt, red polka dot wrapping paper, a bunch of small rubber animals, various fabric and TONS of paper! Its a fun challenge (though I decided early on to stick to red and white so it isn't TOO crazy!) and I do need to figure out a tree for somewhere in there..... 


Oh and of course, the rabbit in the hallway niche is getting spruced up for the holiday. Right now I am trying out this fluffy fir background. Possibly needs some berry branches? Right now just hoping it all looks cohesive and that it comes together in time for the dinner party I'm hosting this Sunday. Fingers crossed...

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